St. Petersburg - 19/06/2010 -
Andrea Boll and Peter Kadar will go to St.Petersburg in September / October to choreograph a piece for Zelyonyi Dom" ("Green House"), school of Dance for the children in Orphanage in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Organized and sponsored by the Fund for Development of Music and Dance, the St.-Petersburg's Orphanage, and the Choreography Department of the St.-Petersburg State Conservatory
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The Meekers - Rotterdam - 03/07/2010 - Nieuws
Andrea Boll will choreograph for The Meekers
The rehearsals starts in August, premiere in February 2010 in the program "Hatchlings" in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

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Nieuwe Bollwerkproductie - 18/06/2010 - Nieuws
Nieuwe Bollwerkproductie in coproductie met CaDance Festival / Korzo Theater Den Haag, Mu Terminal Boedapest en Grand Theatre Groningen.

Hongaarse première op 28 / 29 januari 2011 in Mu Theater Budapest

Nederlandse première op 12 / 13 februari 2011 in Korzo Theater Den Haag tijdens het CaDance Festival.


New Bollwerkproduction in coproduction with CaDance Festival / Korzo Theater The Hague, Mu Terminal Budapest and Grand Theatre Groningen.  

Hungarian premiere 28 / 29 of January 2011 in Mu Theatre Budapest

Dutch premiere 12 / 13 of February 2011 in Korzo Theatre The Hague during the CaDance Festival.

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